European Research Acceleration

ac·cel·er·ate  (ăk-sĕl′ə-rāt′)

  1. To cause to occur sooner than expected
  2. To cause to develop or progress more quickly
  3. To reduce the time required for; compress into a shorter period

European-funding programmes such as Horizon 2020, ERC and others are notable and lucrative elements of today’s research ecosystem. These programs are highly sought-after by researchers and although their budgets continue to significantly grow and offer more funding opportunities – at the same time they become increasingly difficult to obtain.

The process of nurturing a project proposal requires many elements other than purely scientific ones, as well as many skills that may not be fully available or contained in a single person, under the constraint of a fixed rigid deadline.

Beacon Tech navigates this maze as being an European research accelerator. Research institutions, hospitals, and technology companies leverage on our accumulated experience and expertise to exploit new funding opportunities, accelerate research projects, and more effectively present research ideas to relevant funding providers and schemes. We provide all the skills that are necessary to produce excellent research proposals, on time and on budget.

Since 1997, Beacon Tech’s personnel have been helping researchers unlock the unique potential of European funding programmes.