08 Sep / Horizon 2020 and ERC Evaluators Lists

Each proposal to Horizon 2020 or ERC is evaluated by a minimum of 4 remote experts (and it can get up to 10 or more in the case of ERC).  The evaluators come from a vast variety of background and expertise from academia, industry, NGOs etc. They undergo a selective screening process before becoming evaluators for Horizon 2020 and ERC.  The identity of these experts is kept confidential until the end of evaluation process.  Once this process is done the EC publishes the full lists of the experts that have participated in the evaluation process.

Each of the following lists contains the details of all reviewers under a specific theme and year, as follows (source: the EU Research & Innovation Participant Portal) –

Evaluators lists
European Research Council (ERC) 2014  2015
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) 2014  2015
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) 2014  2015
Research Infrastructures (RI) 2014  2015
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 2014  2015
Nanotechnologies 2014  2015
Advanced materials 2014  2015
Biotechnology 2014  2015
Advanced manufacturing and processing 2014  2015
Space 2014  2015
Innovation in SMEs 2014  2015
SME Instrument N/A2015
Health, demographic change and wellbeing 2014  2015
Food, agriculture, maritime, bioeconomy 2014  2015
Secure, clean and efficient energy 2014 2015
Climate, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials 2014 2015
Europe in a changing world 2014 2015
Secure societies 2014 2015
Science with and for Society (SwafS) 2014 2015
General experts lists 2014 2015


By Sharon Alon in ERC posts, Our blog, Pre-award