Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) provide grants for all stages of researchers’ careers and encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility. The MSCA enable research-focused organisations from all sectors to host talented foreign researchers and to create strategic partnerships with leading institutions worldwide.
The MSCA aim to equip researchers with the necessary skills and international experience for a successful career, either in the public or the private sector. The programme responds to the challenges sometimes faced by researchers, offering them attractive working conditions and the opportunity to move between academic and other settings.
The MSCA are open to all domains of research and innovation, from fundamental research to market take-up and innovation services. Research and innovation fields are chosen freely by the applicants in a fully ‘bottom-up’ manner.

The types of MSCA are –

  • Research networks (ITN): support for Innovative Training Networks
  • Individual fellowships (IF): support for experienced researchers undertaking mobility between countries, optionally to the non-academic sector
  • International and inter-sectoral cooperation through the Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges (RISE)
  • Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes that finance fellowships involving mobility to or from another country
  • The European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT)


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