Our ERC selected projects

Project titleDiscipline
Novel Approaches to Fall Risk: mechanisms, evaluation and interventionsAging
Real Time Mass Spectrometry Analysis with Supersonic Molecular BeamsAnalytical chemistry
Re-Thinking Space-Time in Ancient CulturesAnthropology
Early Iron Age Levant as seen from Philistine CemeteriesArchaeology
Bio-archaeological study of early Christian development in the Negev DesertArcheology
Modelling Human Cultural Evolution in the Prehistoric Sequence of Mount CarmelArcheology
Cultural dynamics in the 500 Ky prehistoric sequence of Mount CarmelArcheology
CNC Three Dimensional Concrete Printing and Construction of Architectural ComponentsArchitecture
Exploring Our Reaction to Different Geometries of SpacesArchitecture
New Planning and Design Tools for Future CitiesArchitecture and Urban Planning
Urban Planning and AlienationArchitecture and Urban Planning
Light Dark MatterAstrophysics
Diffuse Interstellar BandsAstrophysics
Hawking Radiation EntanglementAstrophysics
Rethinking JetsAstrophysics
The Role of Evolution in Human CognitionAttention, Perception and Social cognition
Communication and affiliative behavior and stress and longevity in social mammalsBehavioral ecology
Bacterial targeting mechanisms of the ubiquitin cascadesBiochemistry
Nano Materials for Neuronal Interfacing ApplicationsBioengineering
Challenging the bioethical view on gene editing technologiesBioethics/Biolaw
Modelling of Protein NetworksBioinformatics
Modularity in biomedical dataBioinformatics
Computational Methods and Tools for cancer therapyBioinformatics
Plasmonic Cell ManipulationBiomedical Engineering
Holographic optical stimulation for vision restoration and basic researchBiomedical engineering
Cardiac Patches for Treating Myocardial InfarctionBiomedical engineering
Nano-pore Confinement of BiopolymersBiophysics
Biophysical Study of Intrinsically Disordered Protein DomainsBiophysics
Nanopore detection of Resistance PathogensBiophysics
The biophysics of intermediate filament proteinsBiophysics
A Brain-Computer Interface for Augmented CommunicationBrain-computer Interfaces
ImmunoMetabolic Early Detection and Staging of CancerCancer diagnosis
Uncovering tumor-host molecular and cellular interactions for the rational design of novel therapeuticsCancer research
Cell plasticity, motility and directionality in metastasisCancer research
Fibroblasts in Breast Cancer MetastasisCancer research
The molecular and cellular mechanism of tumor dormancyCancer research
Metastasis Prognostic and Drug Testing PlatformCancer research
Cancer Associated Fibroblasts and their role in metastasisCancer research
Cancer subpopulation heterogeneityCancer research
Glyco-Reprogrammed Cells in cancerCancer research
Metastasis and obesityCancer research
The mechanism of colorectal metastasis seeding in the liverCancer research
Resistance of lymphoma/leukemia cells to antibody-based therapyCancer research
New methods for Solid tumors detection and treatmentCancer research
Postoperative resistance to cancer metastasisCancer research
Crosstalk between the microbiome and immune systemCancer research
Optical Quantitative Diagnosis of Cancer CellsCancer research/diagnosis
Interferometric phase microscopy for enrichment of circulating tumor cellsCancer research/diagnosis
Targeting cancer cell migration and metastatic colonizationCell biology
Beta-cell Dysfunction in DiabetesCell biology
Deciphering the Ubiquitin Proteolytic SignalCell biology
Apoptosis in regeneration and cancerCell biology
The roles of mechanical tension in epidermal developmentCell/Developmental biology
Engineering of Pd-membrane ReactorsChemical engineering
New Building-Blocks for Bio-Inspired Self-Assembled Organic NanostructuresChemistry
Organic Synthesis in Aqueous Media Unattainable in Organic SolventsChemistry
Rational Design of Bio-Inspired Peptide NanostructuresChemistry
Innovative drug nano-co-crystalline structuresChemistry
Nitrogen-based Alternative FuelsChemistry
Aluminum ElectrochemistryChemistry
Studying ocean crust fluidsChemistry
Advanced Gas SpectroscopyChemistry
Magnetic Resonance for Solid-State DevicesChemistry/Physics
Traffic modeling and coordinated distributed adaptive control in urban road networksCivil engineering
Modeling and Optimization of Dynamic Elements in NetworksCivil engineering/Transport
Emotional Processing and Control MechanismsCognition/Emotion
Evolution of counting systemsCognition/linguistics
Photonic CommunicationCommunication
Human Behaviour in Computer-mediated CommunicationCommunication and information / Human-Computer Interaction
Optimal Distributed Processing for Communication NetworksCommunication Technologies
Cloud Wireless NetworksCommunication Technologies
Networks, Optimisation and ApplicationsComplex Systems
Verifying and Synthesizing Software CompositionsComputer Science
Computational tools for PalaeographyComputer Science
Higher Dimensional ExpandersComputer Science
Code design for wireless communicationComputer Science
Solving the challenge of Dark SiliconeComputer Science
Probabilistic Database Systems for Text AnalyticsComputer Science
Volumetric ModellingComputer Science
Foundation of CryptographyComputer Science
Fingertip and face pose analysisComputer Science
A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and TransmissionComputer Science
Text Analytics and Database TechnologyComputer Science
Computational Tomography of the EnvironmentComputer Science
A novel theory for data reductionComputer Science
Advanced Content InteractionComputer Science
Self-Improving, Self-Organizing, Dynamically Evolving Collaborative Context Aware SystemsComputer Science and Informatics
Speed-Information TradeoffsComputer Science and Informatics
Automatic Software ParallelizationComputer Science and Informatics
Pareto-Optimal Parameterized AlgorithmsComputer Science and Informatics
Database Query EvaluationComputer Science and Informatics
Electronic Phases at Oxide InterfacesCondensed Matter Physics
Double photoemission from superconductorsCondensed Matter Physics
Superconductor-Semiconductor Quantum Light SourcesCondensed Matter Physics
Administrative Bodies for Human Rights ProtectionConstitutional Law
The Effect of Tax Policy on Firm Behaviour and InvestmentsCorporate Finance
Advanced cryptology methodsCryptology
Cell Reprogramming in DevelopmentDevelopmental biology
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Nano-Delivery PlatformDiagnostic tools and therapies
Arctic ClimatologyEarth Science
The complex and dynamic community of Marine microorganismsEcology
Network EconometricsEconometrics
Engines of Human Development Through the Lens of Jewish HistoryEconomic History
Transdisciplinary Networks Informing Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentsEcosystem Assessment
Impact Reliability of Engineering StructuresEngineering/Physics
Socio-economic perspectives for resilient coastal developmentEnvironmental and climate change
Looking into conservationsEnvironmental Anthropology
Biological and physical processes for enhanced soil remediationEnvironmental Engineering
Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitroFluid dynamics
Fundamental Questions on Disorder and InteractionsFundamental Constituents of Matter
New mechanisms of adaptation to stressGenomics
The code of gene regulationGenomics
Novel tools for unmasking genetic and epigenetic variation in genomic DNAGenomics
Epigenetics and longevity: gene-environment interactionsGenomics
A single-cell genomic and epigenomic research pipeline for the inference of functional cell lineagesGenomics and epigenomics
Implementing the genetic program as a systemGenomics/Systems biology
Deep Microbial Biosphere in Oceanic Crustal basaltsGeobiology
Reconsidering the historical relationship between Jewish and Christian religionsHistorical Theology
Intellectual Migrations and the circulation of Political IdeasHistory
Medieval trends in English CultureHistory
The history and characteristics of MonotheismHistory/Theology
Computational models of socially oriented behaviourHunam Computer Interaction and Interface
Nonlinear Spectral Theory for Image ProcessingImage processing
Dissecting the complexity of host susceptibility to infectious diseases and identifying gene networks for disease pathwaysImmunology
Pathogen phage-host interactionsImmunology
Immune Cell HomeostasisImmunology
Genetics in InfluenzaImmunology
The Immune system and age-related memory lossImmunology
The role of Inhibitory Receptors in Immune balanceImmunology
Information Theory of Simple InteractionInformation theory
A new approach for a constitutionalised legal frameworkInstitutional law
The global human rights battlefieldInternational Human Rights
Transnational corporations affect on marine ecosystemsInternational Relations
Urbanization and the Jewish identityJewish history
Judicial Decision Making in Attitudinal VotingLaw
Structural Pluralism in Private LawLaw
Securing Freedom in the Digital EraLaw
A new accountability paradigm for digital governanceLaw
Foundations of Compositionality in Human LanguageLinguistics
Deciphering the Psycho-Linguistic Mechanism of crimeLinguistics
European Zoharic LiteratureLiterature/Theology
Random perturbations in machine learningMachine learning
Competition Networks in a new lightManagement
the joint replenishment and the multi-stage assembly problemsManagement
Coral Molecular and biophysical mechanismsMarine biology
A Theoretical Framework for Use of a Sensitive Web-Based Membrane to Uncover Social Amplification ProcessesMarketing, complex systems
Architectured Soft Electroactive CompositesMaterial engineering
Optoelectromechanical components from 2D materialsMaterial engineering
From dynamics to quantization in Symplectic topologyMathematics
Algebraic Techniques for Combinatorial and Computational GeometryMathematics
Solving Nonlinear Optimization ProblemsMathematics
Extremal CombinatoricsMathematics
High-Dimensional Convexity, Isoperimetry and ConcentrationMathematics
Efficient identification and compression in large systemsMathematics
photoreactions in the atmosphereMathematics
Dynamics of Elastic StructuresMechanical engineering
Identifying metabolic drug candidates and biomarkers for metabolically related disordersMetabolism
Evolution and Development of Bacterial CommunicationMicrobiology
Biofilm Biosynthesis, Assembly, and EradicationMicrobiology
The E.coli CRISPR/Cas systemMicrobiology
Reproduction in archaeaMicrobiology
The structural basis of microbial amyloid functionsMicrobiology
Configurable Microfluidic platform for Single cell manipulationMicrofluidics
Muslim Law in EuropeMiddle East & Islamic Studies
The Ottoman Empire SurroundingsModern History
The Expression of Wellbeing in the Early Modern Middle-EastModern History
Ubiquitin signaling at the MitochondriaMolecular Biology
Semiconductor NanostructuresNanomaterials
Flow-Guided Vascular Nano-medicineNanotherapeutics
Attention Feedback Awareness for Intervention and PreventionNeuropsychology
The ordinal Instinct in numerical cognitionNeuropsychology
Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's DiseaseNeuroscience
Dynamics of single synapses to memory loss in Alzheimer's diseaseNeuroscience
Motor Neuron Survival and Synapse MaintenanceNeuroscience
Studying a new neuroprotective drug candidateNeuroscience
Stimulating Brain Functional-Pharmacological Coupling to Target Drug Effect in HumansNeuroscience
Neuronal HydrodynamicsNeuroscience
MRI of Dynamics in Axonal micro-StructureNeuroscience
Recreating Self-Renewal, Cellular Diversity and Plasticity of the Early Human Neuroepithelium Using Neural Stem CellsNeuroscience
TLRs and cognitive learning and memoryNeuroscience
Investigation of the face-selective cortical networkNeuroscience
Engineering Neuronal GrowthNeuroscience
Processing of physical and emotional painNeuroscience
The neural activity behind Decision-makingNeuroscience
Cellular and dendritic mechanisms in sensory-motor controlNeuroscience
The Methodology of ExperimentationPhilosophy of Science
A Novel Perspective on the Methodology of ExperimentationPhilosophy of Science
Novel photophysical processes based on fissionPhysical and Analytical Chemical Sciences
Analysing photoreactions in the atmospherePhysical and Analytical Chemical Sciences
New Directions in Turbulence studyPhysics
The Gamma Ray Burst – Supernova Connection and Shock Breakout PhysicsPhysics
The Progenitors of Type-Ia SupernovaePhysics
Novel approaches for weather and climate surface monitoringPhysics
Colloids: shaping future materialsPhysics
Interferometric NanoscopyPhysics
Light-Matter InteractionsPhysics
Tunable phases in quantum wiresPhysics
Quantum anomaliesPhysics
Understanding Motor-Cognitive plasticityPhysiology
Understanding the mechanism of circannual rhythmsPhysiology/Cell biology
The function-structure of the neurovascular interfacePhysiology/Neuroscience
The Origin, Evolution, and Internal Structure of Jupiter and SaturnPlanetary Sciences
Hormone signals shaping coherent growth in plantsPlant Science
Regulatory landscape of the Arabidopsis GenomePlant Sciences
A Global Economic and Political Governance Model of the EUPolitical Science
The mechanochemistry of static electricityPolymer chemistry
Remodeling and Remedying Biases of Emotional AttentionPsychology
Geometric Algorithms for Robotics and AutomationRobotics
A novel approach for science and mathematics educationScience education
The role of charismatic leadershipSocial Anthropology
Multi-layered Modeling of Human BehaviorSocial cognition
Resolving Setbacks of MulticulturalismSocial cognition
Wage Inequality and Technological ChangeSocial Mobility
The child´s best interests in child protectionSocial policies and Welfare
Family policy and poverty risk among working householdsSocial policies and Welfare
Prediction of membrane protein structureStructural biology
Structures and Interactions of Intrinsically Disordered Protein DomainsStructural biology
Engineering Low Power Biological SystemSynthetic biology
Environmentally benign synthesis of inorganic nanomaterialsSynthetic Chemistry and Materials
The Translation Regulatory CodeSystems biology
The regulatory network of DNA and RNA Binding ProteinsSystems biology
Spatio-Temporal analysis of cancer cell metabolismSystems biology
Superstring TheoryTheoretical Physics
Epigenetics in RNATranscriptomics
Cellular pathways of HIVVirology