Our Health selected projects

Project titleDiscipline
Social intervention to promote health in the elderlyAging
Monitoring system for the elderly enhancing mobility, cognition and quality of lifeAging
Studying diabetes and its effect on cognitive decline and depression in the elderlyAging
Telexercise for the elderlyAging
Early detection and intervention in Motor-Cognitive declineAging
Understanding the mechanism of anemia in acute and chronic diseasesBasic Research
Studying the neural circuits that mediate the comorbidity of obesity and affective disordersBasic research
Dual Tasking in Ageing, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseaseBasic research
Common mechanisms of obesity, cancer, preterm birth, hypercholesterolemia and thrombosisBasic research
The role of the immune system in the resolution of fIbrosisBasic research
Genomic and epigenomic diagnosticsBasic research
Mental wellbeing and mental illness as regulators of accelerated agingBasic research
Understanding the pathophysiology of neonatal feverBasic Research / Bioinformatics
Understanding Basic Pathophysiology of Solid Malignancies by Integrating Biological Data and Computational Modelling of Complex Tumour/Immune-System Interactions and ImmunotherapyCancer research
Deciphering the Complex Cancer-Immune System Interaction MechanismsCancer research
Improving long-term prognosis in Multiple Myeloma by using Targeted Intracellular Photodynamic TherapyCancer therapy
Development of a combinational therapy for Multiple MyelomaCancer therapy
Biomarkers And Therapeutics for Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal DiseasesChronic diseases
Personalized prevention, early detection and disease management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)Chronic diseases
System Medicine for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)Chronic diseases
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) Control in AdolescentsChronic diseases
Development of novel vaccine against tuberculosisChronic diseases
Personalized nutrition tailored to the human genome and microbiomeClinical Trial / basic research
A new diagnostic tool for evaluating suicide risk in \depressed patientsClinical Trial / Novel technologies
Treadmill training for prevention of falls in the elderlyClinical Trials
Novel treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisClinical Trials
Safety and Efficacy of new treatment for EmphysemaClinical Trials
Randomized Control Trial, double blinded, multicenter clinical study for enhancing Mobility and reducing falls in the ElderlyClinical Trials
Evaluating new therapeutic vaccine in Patients with positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)Clinical Trials
Multicentre clinical trial assessing new therapy for localized advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC)Clinical Trials
A New Statistical Methodology for Evaluating Safety and Efficacy of Drugs in Clinical Trials of Small Patient GroupsClinical Trials
A physical-emotional interventional study for ADHDClinical Trials
Comparing the therapeutic efficacy of dopamine agonists and intensive exercise in early stage Parkinson’s diseaseClinical Trials
Identification and Treatment of Innate Immunity diseasesClinical trials
Clinical trial assessing a novel drug for preventing Glioblastoma Multiforme progressionClinical trials
Virtual Reality-treadmill combined intervention for enhancing motor cognitive function in MSClinical Trials
Laser Phototherapy for Enhancing Recovery of Peripheral Nerve InjuriesClinical Trials
Novel decongestion treatment for Acute Decompensated Heart FailureClinical Trials
Neuroendocrine modulation of keratin expression as a novel treatment strategy for rare genetic skin disordersClinical Trials
Clinical trial for assessment of early treatment of Muscle HypertoniaClinical Trials
Apoptotic cells therapy for graft versus host diseaseClinical Trials
Studying the aetiology of insomnia in older adults and assessing cognitive interventionsClinical Trials
Novel Catheter for renal venous decongestion in heart failureClinical Trials
Novel drugs targeting solid tumoursClinical Trials
Novel adjunct treatment for prolonging life of Brain Metastases patientsClinical Trials
Development of a tissue engineered conduit for hemodialysisClinical Trials / Novel technologies
Novel oral formulation for Diabetes managementDrug development
The development a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of Smoldering Multiple MyelomaDrug development
Early intervention and risk detection of age-related dysfunctionseHealth
Advanced integrated care for health in the communityeHealth
Decision support tool for patient self-management and healthy lifestyleeHealth
Predictive modelling and evidence-based clinical guidelines for self-management in type II DiabeteseHealth
A community-based self-management and disease prevention system for respiratory deficiencieseHealth
Translational Health Information InfrastructureeHealth
Social platform matching between youth and elderly for joint activityeHealth
Service Assisting Robot for Independent LivingeHealth
Coevolving Long-term Experience with Assistive RobotseHealth
ICT platform for co-managing health and improving wellbeing for children with CPeHealth
A personalized mobile App for self-management of chronic diseaseseHealth
A multi-disciplinary model for treatment of age-related mental wellbeingeHealth
mHealth platform for patient self-management in Hearing and balance impairments and TinnituseHealth
Personalised Health & Care for Patient empowermenteHealth
Mental Health Interactive Decision Support SystemeHealth
mHealth platform for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus managementeHealth
Motivation-Centric Model for Prevention of Type II DiabeteseHealth
mHealth Self-management for Chronic Kidney DiseaseeHealth
Personalized Empowering supportive environment and coaching for healthy Lifestyle and WellbeingeHealth
Bridging the Dissemination-to-the-public Gap of Health and Life Science EU-funded research resultsHealthcare systems
Turning Health grants data into Web-based Dynamic Meaningful information, knowledge and wisdomHealthcare systems
Developing, implementing and testing a community-based cross-sectoral model to reduce health inequitiesHealthcare systems
Patient Centred Integrated Care PathwaysHealthcare systems
A Culture of innovation for a healthier future: Motivation, Expertise and Training to change Mindsets in Health funded projectsHealthcare systems
Gut microbiota and posttranslational modifications In Autoimmune diabetesIMI
Survival mechanisms of B-CellsITN / Immunology
Mathematical Algorithm for Cancer Treatment PersonalizationMedical Software
Computational Systems Biology Technology for Personalized Predictions of Drug-Induced Neutropenic Toxicity in Breast CancerMedical Software
Reusage of Pathways in the BrainNeuroscience
Understanding Motor Cognitive ReserveNeuroscience
Neuroimaging for safe and efficient guided interventionNovel technologies
Hyper-thermal effect of targeted nano-particle based treatmentNovel technologies
Assessment of Neurological Diseases through gait analysisNovel technologies
Development of Human pluripotent stem cell-derived plateletsNovel technologies
Development of a 3D human skeletal muscle model for therapy development in myopathiesNovel technologies
Non-invasive in-vivo imaging device for real-time detection and visualisation of HematomaNovel technologies
Detecting early signs of leukaemiaNovel technologies
Diagnosis and Monitoring of Hematological MalignanciesNovel technologies
Novel technology for safe transplantation through induction of immune chimerismNovel technologies
Small molecules for combating fibrosisNovel technologies
A novel platform for minimally invasive delivery and targeting of cell therapy in ophthalmologyNovel technologies
a Novel Treatment to Reduce the Occurrence and the Complications of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR)Novel technologies
In Vitro Human Bone Generation for Personalized Bone GraftingNovel technologies
Development of a new approach for haematopoietic stem cell transplantation via immunotherapy and cell mobilization to eliminate residual undetectable diseaseNovel technologies
Collagen Synthesis MonitoringNovel technologies
Pan-European e-Infrastructure for Structural BiologyResearch Infrastructure