Our ICT selected projects

Project titleDiscipline
Personal Care and Assistance System for Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer diseaseAging
Proactive Assistance Platform for Active AgingAging
Empowering Mobility, Cognitive Abilities and Social Integration in the Elderly using Multi-modal Interactive TechnologyAging
The Predictive Power of Weak Effects detected in Social dataBig Data
Uncovering the Human Cell Lineage Tree in Health and in DiseaseBioinformatics
Brain signal Readout Algorithms and Hybrid ModelsBrain–Computer interface
Epidemic forecast infrastructureEpidemic forecast
Smart and Autonomous Active Dental ImplantHealthcare systems
Personalized medicine for Bone diseasesHealthcare systems
Disease Assessment of Multiple Sclerosis at the point of needHealthcare systems
Guiding Patients Anytime EverywhereHealthcare systems
Personal Health Coaching through life spanHealthcare systems
Smart Active Venous Implementable ValvesHealthcare systems
Long-term Experience with Assistive RobotsHealthcare systems
Multimodal human-computer InteractionHuman-computer Interaction
Understanding and facilitating ICT-Society Co-EvolutionICT and society
Patient-Specific Hematotoxicity PredictionMedical Software
Multi Parametric Analysis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)Medical Software
Computational design of personalized Vaccination Immunotherapy in Cancer PatientsMedical Software
Rapid Deployment of broadband communication for First respondersNetworks
Bluetooth Low Energy for Wireless NetworksNetworks
Viable Silicon based Quantum Cellular AutomataQuantum Computing
Self-Assembled Quantum Nonlinear Optical Reader ArrayQuantum Computing
Pan-European pool of NMR capacities to enable global collaborative research and boost technological advancementsResearch Infrastructure
Human Interactions and the InternetSocial Networks
Complex Socio-Technical System in Ambient IntelligenceSocial Networks
Law Incubators drive legal advice to entrepreneursSocial Networks
Online Democratic CommunitiesSocial Networks