Materials Biotech Energy and Environment

Project titleDiscipline
Metallic perovskite for future generation solar cellsEnergy
Advanced, autonomous, Micro gas turbine based energy systemEnergy
Advanced biocatalyst tools for improved biofuels production from microalgaeEnergy
Advanced CO2 conversion reactor based on excessive industrial heatEnvironment
Rapid, reliable and cost effective Surface and Ground water treatment to produce clean and safe drinking water at the community levelEnvironment
Pervasive socially aware citizens observatoryEnvironment
“Open Innovation” and “Living Lab” concept in the Food sector SMEs' arenaFood and biotechnology
Human microbiome research: diet-related and brain disordersFood and biotechnology
An innovative approach for integrated management of pests of valuable cropsFood and biotechnology
Innovative material-based cryptography technologyMaterials
Sustainability as a Service to SMEsMaterials
Electrospinning enhanced materials from KeratinMaterials
Innovative Solutions for Operation under Severe ConditionsMaterials
Metamaterial for gas sensorsMaterials
Tumour-targeted nanoparticlesMaterials