Professional Coordinator track record

Our Post-Award Track Record is reflected in the diverse list of project samples below. In these projects we have provided our Post-Award Services in various forms and capacities, such as a Professional Coordinator, an administrative and financial management partner, in-house consultant, etc.

 Project AcronymProject Title
MRG-GrammarMassive Reverse Genomics to Decipher Gene Regulatory Grammar
BeyondSeqGenomic diagnostics beyond the sequence
MobiGuideGuiding Patients Anytime Everywhere
V-TIMEVirtual reality-Treadmill combined Intervention for enhancing Mobility and reducing falls in the Elderly
DAPHNetDynamic Analysis of Physiological Networks
SOCIONICALComplex Socio-Technical System in Ambient Intelligence
USEFILUnobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living
REMPARKPersonal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s disease
DAPHNEData-as-a-Service platform for Healthy Lifestyle and preventive medicine
DECIDigital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion
CONNECAREPersonalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients
SME-AERO-POWERStimulating the participation of SMEs for improved integration in the European Research Area
SpidERA for LIFESpeeding collaborations in the Life Science and Health domain of the European Research Area and beyond
KAPPA-HealthAssessment and valorisation of project outcome for high technology and research intensive SME participating to Framework Programmes of Research in the healthcare sector
smE-MPOWERPerforming Innovation Coaching of Manufacturing-related SMEs towards increasing their participation in FP7
GRAMBYThe Grammar of the Body: Revealing the Foundations of Combinatoriality in Human Language
PreNanoToxPredictive toxicology of engineered nanoparticles
EyewitMemThe Assessment of Eyewitness Memory: A Multi-Componential, Correspondence-Oriented Approach
SM-BIO-POWEREmpowering Biomedical and Bioengineering SMEs to promote participation in FP7 projects
EPOSInstructional Courses in Paediatric Orthopaedics
RAPPORTBuilding RAPPORT Between Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises and Public or Private Research Capabilities