Selelcted Testimonials

Dr. Anja Hegen, Senior Adviser, Research Management at University of Bergen

“We have heard only positive feedback from our researchers about your ERC training session. They mentioned several times that they like how professional you come across and that you de-mystify the ERC and gave them the hope that they can also win one.”

Dr. Josue Sznitman, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

“I just wanted to say thank you once again, for the support in getting through this (very) challenging and intense hurdle or preparing an ERC grant application.”

Dr. Antonia Baraggia, Università degli Studi di Milano

“As a social scientist, I found Beacon Tech’s guidance and assistance in shaping my ERC hypothesis and application focus to be very helpful and valuable, especially in the field of Constitutional Law. The assistance was absolutely timely, the given suggestions sharp and consistence. They gave me an invaluable help in framing my project.”

Dr. Luca Longo, School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology

“Beacon Tech was great in helping me align my research idea to the ERC criteria and to shape a robust scientific proposal. Through the several revisions, I was able to turn my initial draft to a consistent hypothesis-driven project, strictly conforming to the rules of science.”

Dr. Liana Chua, Division of Anthropology, Brunel University London

“Beacon Tech’s advice was invaluable in strengthening my ERC application – not only in improving the way it was framed but also in pushing me to develop and refine some of its core research questions.”

Dr. Hadas Okon-Singer, Haifa University

“I am happy to recommend Beacon Tech. I have been working with Yasmin Wachs on an ERC application. Yasmin was helpful, professional, organized and knowledgeable, while keeping a pleasant and friendly attitude. I am confident that her help enhanced my application.”

Dr. Moran Bercovici, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

“I wish to highlight the valuable contribution of Yasmin Wachs in shaping up my project proposal. It is highly appreciated.”

Prof. Yael Hanein, Director, Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

“ERC writing was very different than the kind of writting I was used to. Your helpful input on my proposal was critical and clearly helped me to successfully convey my reasech to the ERC.”

Prof. Fern Wickson, Senior Scientist and Program Coordinator, The Arctic University of Norway

“I was extremely grateful to have assistance from Beacon Tech during the writing of my application. They were always available and provided regular support and detailed feedback on my draft documents. Their advice really helped me to not only understand the unique requirements of the ERC, but also pushed me towards developing a much stronger application than I would have delivered if I was left to work on my own.”

Prof. Muli Sagiv, School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University

“Applying to ERC is highly challenging, more than any other grant. Working with Beacon Tech was very fruitful, as their contribution to the process was essential to my success.”

Dr. Tali Mass, Department of Marine Biology, Haifa University

“Thank you for you support and guiding during the preparation and writing of my ERC proposal. It is helpful to have someone who had so much experience with European grant system to offer guidance and direction. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and availability during the holidays to answer any question I had and to help me tie up the proposal as best as possible.”

Prof. Jacob Goldenberg, Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)

“Beacon Tech’s valuable inputs have helped me to crystallize my research hypothesis and adapt it to ERC requirements. Although I have experience in grants submission, for the ERC grant I needed your expertise. You gave me real-time advice and supported the entire writing process. The scientific idea was positioned much better thanks to your involvement. You also helped me a lot by taking care of all parts allowing me to focus on the scientific part.”

Horizon 2020
Prof. Mor Peleg, Department of Information Systems, Haifa University

“I owe so much of the success of our MobiGuide project, for which I was the scientific coordinator during 2011-5, to the Beacon Tech team – our loyal administrative coordinators!… I’m looking forward to working with the Beacon Tech team again and I’m sure that if you are considering working with them, that you will have a very beneficial and at the same time enjoyable experience.”

Ofer Fabian, Musli Thyroputics

“Initiating and managing a Horizon 2020 collaborative project is an extremely complex task. Beacon Tech’s team worked hand-in-hand with us throughout the proposal preparation and team building. Their experience was indispensable for building the consortium and writing the proposal.”

Prof. Paul Lukowicz, Scientific Director, Embedded Intelligence, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

“Working closely with Beacon Tech experts since the inception of the SOCIONICAL FP7 FET-Open project and throughout the execution, I can say that the administrative and financial management that we had was invaluable and remarkably beneficial to me as the coordinator, and also to the the entire consortium. I look forward to working again the future.”

Prof. Jeff Hausdorff, Director, Laboratory for Gait Analysis and Neurodynamics, TASMC

“We’ve been working with Beacon Tech for many years. They are very familiar with EC rules and norms and take care of all of the administrative burden, allowing us to focus on the science.”