ERC Services

Supporting ERC applicants since 2007

Since ERC is different than most grants, proper project proposal outline and orientation is essential for success. We offer three types of service packages for ERC proposal preparation, and one for ERC interview preparation:

ERC Go-No-Go Package

Review of the basic project idea and abstract, and provide initial feedback about its suitability to ERC.

ERC Standard Package

Review of the ERC application to verify that all essential ERC elements are properly addressed. We ensure that research proposals are formatted and presented “by the book” – including whether key issues like “investigator-driven frontier research”, “high risk, high gain” and “non-incremental work”, etc. are properly addressed.

ERC Deep Dive Package

Provide an in-depth interactive review of the ERC application, learn the relevant scientific area, study the PI’s publications, and thoroughly prepare the applicant and guide her/him through all steps of the grant preparation process – from idea to submission. This comprehensive package includes an extensive and interactive review of the scientific idea, concept and ERC presentation strategy, full reviews of the text (both B1 and B2), panel selection discussion with the PI, relevant ethical considerations and structuring the ethical annex, handling or monitoring the electronic submission system for the applicant, quality assurance procedures, proof reading and more.

ERC Interview Preparation Package
Prepare the applicant for the ERC interview. The training is individual and based on the specific application and evaluation panel. This package includes preliminary session, presentation preparation guidance and several rehearsals with the applicant. The training and rehearsals can be done locally or remotely.

ERC Synergy Grant (SyG)

A Deep Dive customized support which addresses the unique attributes and characteristics of the Synergy Grant (SyG). We will share our knowledge and past experience from the previous rounds of the ERC Synergy Grant in 2012 and 2013. 

Our clients’ success rates in ERC

We are happy to share our clients’ ERC average success rates, in all categories (Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grants), per year, since 2012, compared to the overall EU ERC success rates.

We are proud to present our success rates

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