Horizon 2020 Services


To meet the unique challenges of Horizon 2020, Beacon Tech offers three flexibly-tiered proposal Pre-Award preparation packages:

Horizon 2020 Go-No-Go Package

We will review the basic project idea and abstract, and provide initial feedback about its feasibility and suitability to Horizon 2020 as relates to a specific topic.

Horizon 2020 Standard Review Package
We will review your Horizon 2020 application presentation in order to verify that all essential proposal elements are properly addressed, and that research proposals are formatted and presented “by the book” – including whether proposal pillars such as scientific excellence, implementation plan and expected impact are properly addressed. The feedback that we provide can be used to improve the proposal readiness prior to actual submission.

Horizon 2020 Deep Dive Package

An in-depth interactive process of preparing the application from idea to submission, including consortium formation and management. We will guide you by:

  • Providing “gold-standard” templates individually tailored and adjusted for your specific Horizon 2020 application
  • Assisting with consortium formation and partner negotiation
  • Editing and reviewing the scientific sections of the application
  • Editing and reviewing the impact section of the application, including market aspects
  • Devising dissemination plans and communication strategies
  • Suggesting structures and implementation methods for the technical project management aspects
  • Review and editing of the ethics concerned with the application
  • Managing the composition of all proposal parts including budget planning
  • Providing an in-depth review of the core pillars of the outcome
  • Handling all administration with the consortium up to and including the successful submission of your proposal

Once a project is retained for funding we provide extensive Post-Award services. Our hands-on experience and capacity enables us to implement these services successfully in various forms and capacities, such as a Professional Coordinator, a Managing Partner, an In-house Consultant etc.

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